In 1999, God lead Henry Peeples, to start a ministry. With only twelve members including his mother, wife and children, Pastor Peeples obeyed God and founded The Church Ministry. Now it is 17 years later and God has continued to elevate this ministry. God has gifted Pastor & Co-Pastor Peeples to tackle some challenging obstacles in the city of Memphis. Pastor Peeples is a clergy member of Memphis Police Department and he works with the Domestic & Teen Violence Division. Pastor Peeples, also, started a program which teaches vocational and technical skills to troubled youth and young adults.
   Co-Pastor Peeples is the head of the Women’s Department and established Power of Women Ministry (POW), which is to empower young women in Christ to love God and themselves. In 2016, God shifted the ministry into the apostolic. Pastor Peeples is the Bishop/Overseer of three churches including New Destiny Ministries of Union City, TN which was established in May of 2016. He walks in the anointing of an Apostle and mentors other Pastors and Ministers. With the Holy Spirit leading these shepherds, Pastor Henry and Co-Pastor Tracy Peeples continue to Build the Kingdom of God and make way for others to be elevated in Christ Jesus.