The Church Ministries has a strong foundation of outreach. In the bible, Luke 14:23 says to go out into the highways and hedges to compel people to come that God’s house may be filled. There are 4 elements of TCM Outreach. We focus on building the kingdom through spiritual uplifting, giving everyday necessities and meeting the needs of the community. 


“Taking it to the Street” has been a longstanding element of The Church Ministries outreach ministry. We believe that the gospel must be carried throughout the cities and especially in the local neighborhoods. We bring the church outside with praise, worship and preaching of the good news of Jesus in our local communities.

Many times the sick and bedridden are left to bear their illnesses alone. Our ministry provides hospitality to the sick and shut-in. “I was sick and you visited me…” –Matt. 25:36

Jesus said, “I was in prison and you came to me…”-Matt. 25:36. Therefore, our hearts are set on reaching those who are in prison. We witness and testify of Christ to pull down prison walls and break chains in the spirit of those who are incarcerated.

Outreach means meeting the necessity of the local community as well as areas beyond our region. Tent Ministry allows us to set up tents to do revivals, crusades and meetings. Just as the God was with Moses in the tabernacle tent (Exodus 40:34), the presence of the Lord meets us and does many miracles through the Tent Ministry.

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