Our Women's Department is dedicated to empowering women and girls from all over. Co-Pastor Tracy Peeples is the President of TCM women’s ministry. She established Power of Women (POW) in order to empower young women in Christ to love God and themselves. POW helps to train mothers under age 45 on how to encourage and care for their children emotionally and physically. For married women, POW focuses on building better wives who are women led by the spirit of God. Single women have a place to come and be uplifted and meet other women who are single and saved. POW embraces women and girls alike. 

POW Conferences 
Every year during mother’s day weekend, Power of Women hosts a conference to celebrate women and help to change the lives of teens and adults. This POW meeting is always a free event, and open to the public. Visit our event page for more information on this great conference.

Our Focus
Building up women in the Word
Fellowship together twice a month
Quarterly Trips or Retreats
Training girls under age 18 to be women of God
Teaching women how to reach women
Creating a safe haven for young girls

Prayer Line
For those who are in need of spiritual uplifting and encouragement, TCM Women’s Ministry has an intercessory prayer line available. Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 5:00pm. 

Prayer Line

Call ID


“Little Prayer, Little Power. Much Prayer, Much Power.”- Power Of Women.